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Forum Conduct - Rules

Post  Azmodian on Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:41 am

1. No Spam - These will be deleted promptly, and after a second offense given a 3 day ban. third offense is perma ban.

2. No Trolling - Making posts just for the sake of starting an arguement (not a debate) will result in a 3 day ban.

3. Flaming - Try to keep it civil, no racial or ethnic slurs. Swearing is fine, just try not to be excessive. Also try to keep from using personal attacks. This rule is kind of subjective and each post thats reported will be taken on a post by post basis.

4. No Pornographic material or links to Pornographic material - If a game contains adult content, that is allowed HOWEVER, you must add a "NSFW" (Not Safe for Work) warning into the TITLE of the topic. ex NSWF - Age Of Conan Screenshots.

5. Religious or Political Debates - Since this is a video game forum, please refrain from Religious Debates (these get pretty messy) and Political Debates can only take place under the Misc section.

6. Mods reserve the right to move, any topic to the intended area, as well as delete or lock posts violating site rules. If there is a question about a Mods ruling, please PM Azmodian as well as the mod in question to find out the reason.

7. Personal Information: Don't post any photo of another person on this site without that person's consent, unless you can also prove that same photo is viewable from another publicly accessible URL. Do not post any RL information about another person on this site, if that information tends to reveal the person's RL name, address, place of employment, social security number, phone number, or similar identifying information, unless you can also prove that same information is viewable from another publicly accessible URL.

8. Physical Violence: Don’t make any express or implied threat of physical violence against anyone on this site. Asking for someone’s address, or offering to give someone your address during an argument, is an implied offer to engage in physical violence with that person. Don’t even go there.

9. Criminal Law: Don’t post instructions on how to build a drug lab, an explosive device, or any other information that if used would result in a crime. Never link to pages containing this type of information.

10. Civil Law: Do not post anything that would violate any NDA, user agreement of any game, or information about how to "hack," "cheat," or “exploit” any game that doesnt allow cheat codes. Do not post anything that violates anyone else’s copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights.

This section is subject to change without notice, please be advised to check back. I'll try to get into the habit of making an announcement when site rules change.

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