Read before submitting an application

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Read before submitting an application

Post  Azmodian on Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:28 pm

Judgment is a raiding guild on the Anetheron server. We are currently running two groups of 10 Naxx/Arch/Sarth on a weekly basis with a full clear. Also we are working on getting steady 25 man of each going as well.

The following classes/specs will likely receive priority for invite to guild, based on application content. (This section is subject to change at anytime and without notice)

2x Holy Priests
2x Resto Shamans
1x Resto Druid
2x Prot Warriors

When applying please copy and paste the following section into a new topic with the title as

" [Level] [Class] [Spec] " where the brackets are correspond to your level, class and spec.

Remember the better your application the more likely it will be concidered, so please use clear and desise English.

Is this character your main?

How often do you play on a weekly basis?

What days and times can you raid? Days you cannot?

What are your strengths? Weaknesses? (pretaining to the game)

Are you easily offended by sexual references?

We tend to joke alot on vent, most of it is crude humor, as well as making fun of each other (with no ill will behind it) Would you be offended by this?

Lastly, what is your previous raiding experience? (Including all raids, but only during its current max level IE MC at 60 or BT at 70)

If you have any questions feel free to contact Fallinangell on the Anetheron server, or post them in your topic.

Please note you will need to register in order to submit an application, this is so we have an email address to contact you, as well as prevent automated spam to our forum.

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