Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Post  Azmodian on Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:44 pm

Overall - Its a fast paced action game that can become somewhat repetative near the end of the game. On higher difficulties it can become a game of luck, where a single knockdown can leave you screaming at your TV as you quickly continue from a previous checkpoint.

Graphics - Next Generation game for sure, if you get for the PS3 or 360 however for the Wii or the PS2 it can leave you wanting, as some of the engines are rendered ineffective and unuseable. The texture mapping is done well, and lighting effects are great, although dark areas can just be that, DARK, as in where the hell am I going? Luckly for the mini map you have some point of reference or you will end up getting turned around and wonder "Man this level is easy! There are no enemies!"

Gameplay - Controls can be frustrating. The Targeting system is not that great, and takes some time to perfect (if you really can). Other than that, its your typical action game, fast past combat, flawless combat movement and animations. This game makes you really feel what the force is like (if there was a such a thing).

Story - Your Darth Vaders Apprentice, that alone is awesome, you also get a pretty funny droid thats prime directive is to kill you, but is pretty much your best friend. Overall its a great story that ties together episodes 3 and 4. However you are left wondering who Starkiller really is, and the inner conflict with in him.

Bugs - I personally noticed minimal bugs, however I have heard of people who experienced glitches where their character will not move, block, attack, etc. I only noticed that in one training module.

Time Spent - I played through the game twice to get each different ending, so approximately 16 hours with an average of 4 hour play sessions.

Disliked Most - Targeting system, it was highly unresponsive

Rating -
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